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Getting The Most Out Of Your Paid Advertising

For New Businesses And Campaigns That Need Quicker Results, Paid Advertising Is Another Way For Marketing Your Content, Guiding More Traffic To Your Site And Increase Sales, However We Must Know That Paid Traffic Can Become Costly Very Quickly.

You May Remember Seeing The Advertisements That Appear Alongside Search Results On Google And Other Websites; Then You Have Already Seen Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

PPC Is An Online Advertising Model In Which Advertisers Pay Each Time A User Clicks On One Of Their Online Ads.


We Need To Understand Very Well How Paid Advertising Works Before Using It Because It Can Be Costly Especially For Search Advertising.

When You Search On Google, Do You Remember What The Keywords Are And Search Queries You Have Used, These Are The Keywords Used In Search Advertising.

It Is Important To Remember That Your Business Is Not Looking For The Highest-Traffic Keywords Instead It Is The Words That Your Customers Use To Look For You.

The Important Thing Is You Will Have Higher Return Of Investment (ROI) By Targeting A Large Number Of Lower-Traffic Terms Than By Targeting A Small Number Of Higher-Traffic Terms.

And Probably The Best Source Of Keywords Actually Come From Your Own Website.


Display Ads Or Banner Ads

Display Ads Is Suitable For Brand Awareness To Reach Audiences Who May Or May Not Have Seen Your Brand Before Or Retargeting Purposes To Reach Audiences Who Have Seen Your Products But Did Not Make A Purchase, So The Ad Will Be Display To Encourage Action.

The Ads Can Be Purchased Using A Pay-Per-Click Model Or They Simply Can Be Displayed For A Certain Length Of Time.

Banner Ads Are Commonly Seen On Webpages You Visited Or On Search Engine Result Page, They Come In A Variety Of Sizes And Normally Have An Advertisement Tag Indication. These Ads Can Be Effective And They Tend To Target Customers Who Are Not Actively Looking For Something New.

Paid Search Ads

Another Is Paid Search Ads Or Text Ads And Usually Appears When People Are Searching For Things Online Using A Search Engine.

The Cost Varies Depending On How Competitive The Keyword Is Bidding For And These Ads Are Targeting Customers That Actually Are Searching For Something Specific.

They Can Be Very Effective Especially For B2B Businesses; However Effectiveness Will Depends Heavily On Good Keyword Research And A/B Testing To Optimize Campaign.

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