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Display Advertising To Promote Your Incentive Marketing

What Is Incentive Marketing?

Have You Incentivize Your Customers With Promotions And Promote Your Incentives With Display Advertising?

If You Are Going To Do Something Anyway And Furthermore, To Be Rewarded For It, Would You Enjoy The Experience?

Probably All Of Us Like Rewards And This Is What Makes Incentive Marketing Such An Effective Strategy, Crafting A Plan To Incentivize People To Take Action.

You Have Probably Encounter, “Sign Up Today And Every 10th Bubble Tea Is On Us!”

This Short Sentence Is A Complete Incentive Marketing Strategy. First, Bubble Tea Customers Have The Ability To Join (Free Membership), Second, They Have The Motivation To Join (It’s Free Bubble Tea), And You Get Performance.

Just Remember This Formula For Crafting Your Plan.

Businesses Give Offers To Encourage Or Remind Customers To Take The Next Action Whether Through A Loyalty Program Or A One-Off Promotion.

Today Consumers Have More Choices Than Ever; Incentive Marketing Helps Businesses Grab The Attention Of Customers With Offers Or Opportunities.

This Engages A Segment Of Consumers That May Not Otherwise Consider Your Company Services Or Products, However We Emphasize This Does Not Necessarily Mean You Have To Pay People To Interact With Your Business.

Non-Monetary Rewards, Peer Recognition And Discounts Are All Effective Incentives. The Formula Works Well When It Results In Enjoyment, Such As A Game Or Contest.

Maybe You Have Purchased A Larger Order Of McDonald’s Fries To Get A Monopoly Game Piece; There You Have Enjoyed The Pull Of Incentive Marketing.

The Motivation Factor Does Not Need To Be Expensive, Although You May Have Purchase The Fries For Hoping To Be A Millionaire And You Be Happy With A Free Burger Too, Often, It’s Just Fun To Play.

Just Remember This Formula For Crafting Your Plan, Ability + Motivation = Performance.

Your Business Can Apply This Formula And Applicable To MICE Events, Retail Marketing, Loyalty Programs, And Much More To Assist Your Brands In Creating An Effective Sales And Marketing Strategy.


Probably You May Have Notice After Searching For Some Information On Search Engines Or Social Media. 

You Will See Some Ads Following You Related To The Information You Were Searching For Or Products You Were Browsing, Then You Have Been Retargeted.

Display Advertising Retargeting

Retargeting Is A Form Of Online Advertising That Keeps Your Brand In Front Of Your Site Visitors After They Have Left Your Website And It Serves To Remind Them To Return To Complete Some Actions Or For Further Engagement. 

It Works By “Following” Site Visitors And Displaying Retargeting Ads To Them.

Retargeting Is Effective For Your Business Because It Focuses On Serving Ads To People Who Are Already Familiar With Your Brand, Have Interact Online With Your Business And Have Demonstrated Interest In Your Services Or Products.

Maybe They Are Not Ready To Make A Purchase Or Just Visiting And Retargeting Helps To Remind Them About Your Brand And Your Company During Their Daily Online Engagements.

Retargeting Is A Good Marketing Vehicle When It Is Part Of Your Larger Digital Strategy And Depending On Your Site Traffic, It Can Help Your Business Increase Conversions. 

It Can Result In An Effective Strategy Working With Content Marketing And Pay Per Click (PPC) To Help Drive Online Traffic.

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