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The Buying Cycle

With A Better Understanding Of Content Marketing, We Also Want To Know How Social Media Marketing Can Generate More Sales For Your Business In Singapore.

First We Need To Understand The Four Steps Of The Buying Cycle:


Content Marketing Taps Into The First Two Stages Of The Buying Process By Raising Awareness Of Solutions And Educating Consumers About A Product They May Have Never Considered Before.

Content That Educates The Customer And Stands Out From Competitors Is Crucial In This Initial Phase And This Is Where Interactive Content Made All The Differences.

Since Customers Are Already One Third Of The Way Through Their Journey Before They Even Make Contact. 

The Further Online The Buyer’s Journey Goes, The Greater The Responsibility Is For Marketing To Create Effective Content That Supports That Journey.

By The Time Customer Contact To Inquire, They Are Already Ready To Make A Purchase And No High Pressure Sales Tactics Is Needed, It’s Merely A Matter Of Working Out Details, Signing An Agreement, And Getting Started.

The Trust That Usually Needs To Be Built Up During An Extensive Sales Cycle Has Already Been Created Before We Know The Potential Client Exists.

Content Marketing Also Provides Additional Benefits To Supporting Other Digital Marketing Channels.

It Provides Additional Content For Social Media Marketing To Singapore And Contributes To SEO Efforts By Generating Natural Inbound Links And Building Up Good Content On Your Website That Gets Found In Search Engines.

In Fact, For Many Companies The Bulk Of Their SEO Efforts Should Be Focused On Content Marketing.

There Are Many Channels For Content Marketing To Reach Your Audience Through Emails, Website, Social Media, Blogs, Advertisements, Videos…

As Social Media Expands, Brands Need To Create Content To Populate These Channels And The Content Used In Your Blog Can Be Used In Your Social Media Marketing.

Content Marketing Is Used By Companies To Attract And Engaging Customers Resulting In Leads And Sales.

Social Media Is Used By Customers And Prospects For Communication Among Communities And With Companies As A Customer Support Channel.

Social Media Is One Of The Most Important Platforms To Promote Your Content And For Your Social Media Marketing

To Be Successful, It Is Important That It Be Fully Aligned With Your Content Marketing Strategy.


The Content You Post On Social Media Has The Power To Turn Your Brand Into A Household Name And Turn Your Followers Into Fans.

This Kind Of Impact Only Comes From Having A Solid Social Media Content Strategy.

Social Media Marketing Helps To Stand Out On Social Media Channels By Identifying Specific Goals, Create Valuable Posts That Align With Those Goals, And Distribute Content On The Right Platforms.

Further, You Can Measure Your Results, And Fine-Tune Your Strategy Over Time.

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