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Social Media Marketing For Innovative B2B

Promoting Your Business With Innovative B2B Marketing

Innovative Businesses That Have Used Social Media Marketing With Success And Comes To Mind Would Probably Be Business To Consumer (B2C) Companies And Seldom Heard Of Business To Business (B2B) Companies.

It May Be Effective For B2B Companies To Rely On Ads, Trade Shows And Business Networking To Create Brand Awareness And Leads.

However Your Business Will Be Missing Out On More Branding And Leads Without Using Social Media.

You Just Need To Integrate Social Into Your Strategy For Even Better Results.

There Are Many Social Media Platforms Available And Of Course LinkedIn Is The Most Suitable For B2B Today, However, You May Be Missing Out If You Think Twitter, Facebook And Instagram Won’t Work For B2B.

Let’s Go Deeper To Create A B2B Social Media That Will Grow Your Brand And Earn Leads

Probably As B2B Companies, You May Think Your Business Is A Boring Industry.

The Social Media Has A Huge Population And Definitely Not Reserved Only For Consumer Products, A Small Percentage Is Cater For Your Industry If You Can Find Them With The Right Strategy.


The Key Is To Understand Your Audience And Think About The Type Of Content They Will Like Rather Than Just Content You Want To Serve Them.

For Example, The Insurance Industry Could Be Quite Dry For Most People And Sharing Links About How To Choose Business Insurance All Day Isn’t Going To Build A Following.

However, When You Think About Who Is Your Likely Audience And Tailor Your Social Media Content Towards Them, The Scope Of What You Can Post Becomes A Lot Wider.

In The Case Of Your Target Audience Are Small Business Owners, How About Posts Regarding Business Networking, Marketing And Entrepreneurship.

Some Topics That Could Resonate With Your Audience And The Content Can Actually Benefit Them Even Though It Is Not All About Insurance

Make Social Media About Your Audience, Not Just Your Business.

That Way, Even If You’re In A Dull Industry, Your Business Can Still Deliver Share-Worthy Content On Social Media And Continue To Build Your Audience, Brand Awareness And Lead Generation.


LinkedIn Is A Distinctly Professional Social Media Platform And It Has Been Known To Be Used As A Tool For Recruitment, Brand Promotion, Business Networking, And Increasingly, A Powerful Platform For Digital Selling.

B2B Businesses Can Unlock The Potential To Make The Most Of Your LinkedIn Account And Harness That Social Presence To Generate Leads, Drives Sales And Achieve Ultimate Digital Selling Success.

LinkedIn Has Become An Effective Tool For Generating B2B Leads That Many Businesses Have Not Explored.

Consider Social Media As Part Of A Well-Rounded Lead Generation Strategy And Among All The Social Platforms, LinkedIn Consistently Performs The Best For B2B Lead Generation.

All Businesses Need To Do Is A Proper Content Marketing Strategy With The Proper Research And Actively Participating On LinkedIn, And Here Are Some Of The Steps For Lead Generation From LinkedIn.

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