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Do businesses need social media for lead generation in Singapore?

Whatever the industry or business size, having the right business content for social media posts gives any company great opportunities and lead generation benefits in Singapore.

Although attracting and retaining customers will always be a challenge, maintaining and developing relationships with the customers you already have will be increasingly critical.

That’s why your company needs social media to bring your customers closer with the latest technology notifications, new products and useful reviews.

Keeping your social media company profile with a consistent presence with the right goals and plan would have long-term benefits in building up your brand and credibility.


If it comes to social media, note, “Out of sight, out of mind” is very real.

If you don’t use social media for your business, you’ll miss an inexpensive but fast and successful platform for reaching your audiences.

Growing visibility of the brand

With more people increasingly using social media channels, the platform is fertile for attracting new and highly targeted potential customers.

Keep tuned in

Most users of social media log into their accounts at least once a day, giving the company the ability to communicate with customers once they log in.

Keep your social posts fun and insightful ensures that when they are ready for their next purchase they have you on top of their minds.

Gain leads

Social media provides potential customers a simple and enjoyable way to communicate their interest in your company and your goods.

Lead generation is such a significant benefit to Singapore business from social media that many social networks provide advertisement platforms explicitly designed to collect leads.

Boost sales

Whatever you sell, social media can be of help in selling it. Your social media are a vital part of the sales funnel — the cycle of a new contact becoming a consumer.

Social selling is now a vital resource for the individual sales professionals.


The correct customer encounters

Perhaps the most important thing that social media can do for a company is to offer a way for companies to reach clients.

Social networking makes the company more intimate, forming a bond of trust with the clients.

Interaction by listening to customer complaints and hearing their input will improve customer loyalty while increasing your site’s traffic and further promoting your business.

When you use social media to genuinely connect with your audience and not just for advertising, your buying customer would lead to reviews and the number of social users willing to buy from you leaps.

Your company can quickly share images and videos via social media, keeping viewers up to date on your current events and the latest offers.

This helps to create a bond and to feel the connection to your company.


The required return on investment

You may find that a good social media strategy would require an investment in good content and time just as we need a good ROI for every advertisement campaign.

The end aim is to turn listeners into consumers and Singapore companies that have done so successfully will likely share that this is a long-term plan and will also recommend for lead generation.

A successful social media strategy would have a positive impact on sales, as it enhances the business’ online visibility, getting people to talk about the service or goods.

You may have heard your friend suggesting a service or product that they used and sharing with you as you described a similar predicament as before.


9 Social Media Content for Lead Generation Singapore

Good ideas for content should not be just about your services or goods alone, the audience may find the content more interesting and beneficial as it relates to how it relieves their pain and solves problems.

There may be some difficulties for your company to regularly produce new content ideas and here are 9 sources from which to tap.

1. Short videos

Some may see video as too difficult to use, but for modern brands, video is a must.

Therefore, short videos are viewed better than text and brands should consider integrating video as part of their marketing strategy.

Don’t worry, making videos can be as simple as writing an Email, and in another post, we’ll share more about creating videos.

2. Contest

We love playing, and enjoy contesting as well as winning a gift trill.

It doesn’t need to be regular and running the occasional contest is one of the most impactful ideas about social media when it comes to future interaction with your audience.

3. A set of periodic interactions

When scheduling a weekly or monthly series regularly, the company would have the ability to connect frequently with the fans and followers.

Followers can share their thoughts, and connect with the brand as well.

You’ll get more feedback from your fans that not only prove you care, but also help you tapping into the pains and concerns of your audience.

4. Hand the reigns over

An occasion exchange of a social media takeover inject some new life into your social feeds putting the reigns of your social accounts in someone hands, usually for a short period.

Getting an influencer or a partner to inject a new voice into your account will get your brand in front of new faces and add some flavor to your feed.

5. AKA session

Being an expert on your business subjects, these ask me anything sessions will build leadership status and opportunities to educate your followers and engage with them.

Such Q&A sessions can be valuable for viewers and marketers alike where you get to share your insights, observations and perspective.

6. Repurposes material

Given the enormous effort and time taken to produce original content, repurpose your content by converting your text into video or video to podcast.

Turning the current content to another medium would generate a wider pool of content assets that can communicate with other viewers using a different connection.

7. Content produced jointly

Social networking is a perfect marketing medium for cooperative content creation with another brand or partner.

Co-marketing is a win-win objective because through an e-book, webinar or special event, two companies who partner up on a piece of content or advertisement get access to each other’s audiences.

8. Tutorials and How to

Step by step instruction text should also be an integral part of material, as well as short videos of how to and tutorials.

With each video short and to the point, social media can also be an important way of taking actionable steps for viewers, while staying comprehensive.

9. Audio live

Live videos on Facebook have 3 times as many views as recorded ones. Live streaming is a good medium for answering the questions and educating the public.

Live videos are convincing and well interacting with live viewers that encourage active participation.


What are you going to post on social media for lead generation in Singapore?

If you’re tired of posting the same old stuff, why not take a shot at some of these ideas on social media?

Hopefully you can bring these ideas into your own social media plan and they aren’t just the things that you can share with your audiences.

Note, the social media business isn’t just about the services or goods.

Share your brand story and show what your company really is all about with your team accomplishments building the branding in your audience’s minds.

What are some other innovative ideas you’ve seen and like on social media? If companies try something out of the ordinary, will you take note? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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