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What is an explainer video?

You will need to understand the video creation process to explore how to make your videos or even if outsourcing production.

Explainer videos are short videos to explain your services or goods. You are on the right track to use videos and how it helps to generate leads.

A good video can engage your audience and explain your message. There are different videos, and each form is customized to suit specific audiences.


Motion Graphics

These are videos with more details with statistics and appropriate institutions. It is a more professional alternative that will make the branded videos more credible for B2B businesses.



It is a digital video recording of your computer screen with audio narration and displays how the services or goods works.

This is an easy and inexpensive option that works well for prospects who want to try before they buy and more about education than branding.


Cartoon trend

The storytelling is typically funny and useful for humanizing the identity and explains how the consumer question is solved.

These videos work well to communicate with end-users as a lower budget option and representing your customer personas.


Animated Whiteboard

The animation uses an artist’s hand to create the material right before the eyes and can interact like watching a high-speed artist at work.

These videos are perfect for illustrating technical knowledge and is well suited to selling machine solutions.

How to make your video an asset?

Your videos will serve your business anywhere, and so take a moment to think about it.

  • Showing your videos at a trade show for your audience to understand your business in seconds.
  • The videos are useful to catch customer interest during a presentation at a sales conference.
  • Your online business presence reflected professionalism with video projects.

A good video provides better detail and entertains in the shortest possible time. Your prospect is searching for a solution, and your videos highlight the company’s service or goods at the right time.

The videos illustrate how your solution relieves consumer problems and helps them see how they can perform their job.

Most importantly, you can use the videos over and over again. You can easily share with other viewers who need the same solution to fix their issue.

How to make your video in 4 Steps?

Phase 1: Craft your video script

You will need to set your video goals to craft your video script. The video script is the most time consuming and the most critical factor in making a successful video. The most attention-grabbing video will have little effect if it fails to deliver the message of your services or goods.

Nobody knows your business as you do, and even if you are outsourcing the videos, you can best write the script yourself.

You should advise your video experts on making the message more lightweight and convincing. Yet what will be the central message you want to convey to make your videos meaningful.

  • An introduction and what your product does
  • A brief snapshot of the issue
  • How the approach solves consumer question
  • Credentials to enhance credibility
  • A clear call for the next move

Phase 2: Expertise in voiceover

Using a trained voiceover for your videos would be more effective in providing a clear interpretation of the message and a better business picture. 

Phase 3: Video creation

There are many video editing tools available to create your videos or to outsource them. Both methods are feasible and depend on your resources, quality, and budget.

If you need help to make affordable quality videos, here is how we prepare your videos.

  • A short brief from you

Stage A focus on exchanging thoughts, general direction and storyline as we need to understand your business and product. It will help us to know your brand and unique expectations for the videos with your briefing.

  • Scripting

The script can be written either by the owner or us. We share a common goal of providing a specific message to the target audience in a compelling way.

  • Storyboard

Storyboarding demonstrate the story flow in the videos, and you will see how the videos played out.

  • Editing Videos

Your videos are ready for editing with the necessary tweaks after your review.

Phase 4: Assess your performance on the video

Before you launch your videos, you will need to measure your videos interaction. Your video goals will decide whether you need video marketing to reach specific markets or tweak your videos to improve results.

Increasing conversions in traffic

The more engaging your content, the more your organic search and videos traffic can boost your search rankings. You can make it easy for your followers to share the videos by posting them on social media.

Your marketing plan would work better with a well-balanced content profile of text, graphics and videos. You can further distribute your content with an email, a presentation pitch and even on WhatsApp.

What are some other creative videos you have seen and like? Do share them with us in the comments below.

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