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What's Social Media Management Services

In brief, social media management services is the managing, monitoring and promoting of your brand.

Consequently, the objective is to convert followers into a community across multiple social media platforms.

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Not only will it cost seven times lesser than acquire new customers, but also your community is more likely to buy.

Therefore social media management is about relationships building.

Eventually to provide your business with opportunities to interact with your online community.

Community Strengths at a glance

Top 3 business outcomes

Likewise, this is what your brand wants to invest in. To build a long-term business with strong brand management.

Not only to provide services to your community of existing customers but also target new audiences.

Customer Loyalty
Lower Support Costs
Awareness and Branding

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized Social Media Management Services

In the first place, social listening techniques will need to be employed to grab those special moments.

Particularly, to capture the opportunity to boost local and online awareness.

One of the main objectives of any social media strategy is to establish and promote a community.

Therefore remember that happy customer’s voices on social media may magnify up to 8 times through word of mouth.

Similarly, the same goes for your customer’s complaints.

Hence social media management services helps businesses to create more of the happy and reducing complaints.

Social media management Services

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Regardless your customers are consumers or other businesses.

The expertise is needed to grow the base of followers.

In this case, this means creating good content and publishing it following the social calendar.

Of course, social media management services monitors your platform metrics with a monthly and quarterly report.

Not only to monitor the brand’s overall performance but also to support it with insights for improvements.

Steps to Stay Connected

Think Ahead

Likewise, the content crafted for converting customers and fans must excite, engage and inform.

In short, by keeping the brand on top of your follower minds.

Next, engagements will need to be monitor and actively seek new followers.

Therefore, working towards the objective to develop the business unique brand personality.

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what can Social media management Services do for you?

To begin with our origin, 3 Good Media is a Singapore creative design agency specializing in content marketing services. In addition to our focus is the consumer to business transformation. Eventually, to deliver an offline to online customer-centric omnichannel marketing solution.

In brief, we started small and Agile as a creative design agency. Finally, forming a hybrid unit with Go Hawkers for an omnichannel retailing solution at a transparent price.


Social Media​​ Content

Presently, less than 5% of your followers see your content posts. The organic reach of social media is getting lesser and advertising more expensive.


Digital OOH Advertising

Conversely, have you noticed the digital screens in your lifts? Digital out of home advertising have new capabilities offering video and better resolution.


Content Marketing

Overall, building a content strategy can impact your brand positioning. Find out what content your community wants and grow your followers.

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