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Why is Content Marketing Important for The Business

let's explore content marketing, as your family would understand

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What is Content Marketing

In short, having good content is key to a successful content marketing strategy.

For instance, my wife told me about a subscription that covers makeup and cosmetics that she looks forward to receiving every day.

In brief, she explained that the information did not have anything to do with the products the company was selling,

However, the information was solid and valuable. 

Particularly for learning many makeup techniques and cosmetics types for different effects.

Aha Moment

Thus I explained, that is content marketing.

So then it was a realization moment for my wife understanding of content marketing.

Therefore, content marketing strategy is not about only products the company sells.

Instead, it is about the customer journey and making the experience enriching and engaging.

As a result, the vendor offers such good information that you become loyal to the brand.

Core of content marketing strategy

An effective approach

Firstly, content marketing applies a marketing approach strategy.

In brief, to share various content formats through different digital media channels.

Together with distributing engaging content to attract your targeted audience.

Compared to pitching your services or products.

Instead, the business provides informative and relevant content to your customers for helping solve their problems.

The biggest content marketing challenges

Find it a challenge to produce engaging content
Don't know how to measure the ROI of their campaigns
Say that they can't produce content consistently

Tailor-Made Valuable Content

Customized Content marketing strategy

Of course, different products for different consumers will use various marketing tactics.

However, content marketing should be part of your strategy process.

Overall an effective strategy uses multiple channels and formats promoting enriching content to your customer persona.

For example, with the text format, there is content writing and copywriting.

Generally, for content writing, original valuable content is served to generate organic traffic engaging audiences.

However, for copywriting, content selling to buyer personas is served to convert traffic into leads and sales.

Data in Content Marketing Strategy

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

Eventually, data insights will determine which formats and channels engage the customers.

As a result, the content marketing strategy uses data to provide focus and direction without ideas lockdown.

Hence, the strategy is flexible from learning more about what works and what does not.

content optimization

In brief, content optimization is improving the performance of content assets and pages.

Does the content need optimization? Only a content audit can tell.

Therefore a content audit is the first stage of improving your content marketing.

Also, this will identify ways to improve organic search performance.

Hence to reference past performance and determine which content topics customers likely to prefer.

Content Audit

Of course, it is no easy task to create consistent and engaging content without a content marketing strategy. However, asking the 5W1H helps.

For example, an audit will answer the following questions:

We Solve Real Problems

what can Content marketing strategy do for you?

To begin with our origin, 3 Good Media is a Singapore creative design agency specializing in content marketing services. In addition to our focus is the consumer to business transformation. Eventually, to deliver an offline to online customer-centric omnichannel marketing solution.

In brief, we started small and Agile as a creative design agency. Finally, forming a hybrid unit with Go Hawkers for an omnichannel retailing solution at a transparent price.


Live Streaming

Gradually consumers trend are growing for live video, and most social platforms have professional live streaming options.

Video Creation

Equally important, show customers how products work in action with videos and provide a more compelling experience.

SEO Copywriting​​

In reality, stuffing your articles with lots of keywords won't make the website rank on the first page anymore.

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