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What has changed

Never before had businesses experience circuit breaker and saw the need for Ecommerce website design.

Coupled with the pandemic, the change of habits have accelerated towards an online and cashless society.

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Consequently, traditional businesses are competing with an online market, both local and global.

On the contrary, every business can reap from Ecommerce website to sell products or services.

Singapore Online Shopping Trends

Ecommerce Activities

In reality, offline retail will always be important as online for the customer-centric.

Not only should customers engage with businesses easily but also conveniently.

Presently Ecommerce website design is a flexible solution for both consumers and businesses.

Search online for products or services
Visited an online retail store
Purchased products or services online
Make an online purchase via computers
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Why is Ecommerce Website Design important?

Customized Ecommerce Website Design

Generally, here are some concerns businesses have shared towards Ecommerce Website Design.

Firstly development can be costly.

Secondly, lack expertise and know-how.

Thirdly do not see the need.

However, businesses are missing out on new opportunities of what Ecommerce offers, including the global market.

Regardless of business reasons for not to benefit from moving online.

After all, if the business is serving walk-in customers and fit the company strategy.

Then, Ecommerce Website Design works for the business.

Equally important, here are some reasons to address the concerns.

Benefits of Ecommerce Website Design

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Omnichannel Retailing

In short, omnichannel is ideal for taking the business from a store to a brand.

To begin with, the range of products can increase manifold without expanding the physical storefront.

Subsequently, taking advantage of social media and online advertising to building the brand.

Overall, the cost of Ecommerce Website Design is affordable, and development is scalable according to business objectives.


Not only is the business offering customers around the clock convenience but also to boost business with more customers.

In short, customers can shop anytime and easily find the products they need for a convenient and easy experience.

New Marketing Opportunities

Regardless of expertise, building a brand is not as impossible or expensive as traditional media.

So long as businesses are willing to invest in learning or seeking some help.

In brief, branding is achievable with an efficient return of investment and content marketing strategy.

Local and Global market

Conversely, any people can visit the website locally or globally.

Even more so for expansion, businesses have more opportunities for new customers and a larger market.


Rather than growing the business exponentially, Ecommerce let business scale accordingly.

With this intention, the shop can gradually add more products, options and where to ship.

Furthermore is getting the products online and new marketing opportunities to clear inventory.

However, only an optimised and well-developed Ecommerce Website Design can achieve these goals.

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what can Ecommerce Website Design do for you?

To begin with our origin, 3 Good Media is a Singapore creative design agency specializing in content marketing services. In addition to our focus is the consumer to business transformation. Eventually, to deliver an offline to online customer-centric omnichannel marketing solution.

In brief, we started small and Agile as a creative design agency. Finally, forming a hybrid unit with Go Hawkers for an omnichannel retailing solution at a transparent price.


Social Media​​ Content

Presently, less than 5% of your followers see your content posts. The organic reach of social media is getting lesser and advertising more expensive.


Digital OOH Advertising

Conversely, have you noticed the digital screens in your lifts? Digital out of home advertising have new capabilities offering video and better resolution.


Content Marketing

Overall, building a content strategy can impact your brand positioning. Find out what content your community wants and grow your followers.

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