Interactive video services to engage with Singapore Consumers

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Adopt Interactive video services quickly in 3 steps

Step 1: Creating Your Interactive Video Services

Generally, people prefer video formats and interactive video services further increases engagement.

Even more so, Wochit makes video creation fun and easy for anyone.

Regardless it is a personal story, business story or just for sharing a good intent.

Equally important, Wochit has an unparalleled online library of over 200 million commercial images and videos.

That is why businesses have all the footages to create unique visual stories growing your business.

Step 2: Producing Your Video

Even more so, you do not need to be trained in multimedia production to create compelling videos.

Firstly, your team will have a wide range of professionally crafted and customizable storyboards ready to use.

Next, with access to plenty of footage, your team will develop more video concepts than ever.

Therefore, producing more videos faster and working smarter with consistent quality for your branding.

Step 3: Interactive Video Marketing Services

Presently, video is the most preferred format on social media.

Therefore businesses need to use video to create better awareness and engagement.

Also, take a moment and think about how audiences will enjoy the video showcasing your products.

Not only will we be supporting your video creation journey, but also install interactive technology into the videos.

For example, consumers are looking for food ideas from watching cooking and food videos.

As a result of interactive video services, customers can interact with the business while watching videos.

short video content

Why short video content?

For the most part, the average human attention span is getting shorter as social media dominates the world with content.

Therefore, short-form videos give you more freedom to produce hard-hitting, relatable videos.

Thus, without the overhead of creating more in-depth content.







Business videos

How can video content help your business?

Likewise, video provides a much more compelling experience than written content.

Instead of writing about your products and services, show customers how they work in action through product demos.







See how we’re changing the game

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Presently, Wochit is the leading online video maker online platform for business & agencies. Together with 3 Good Media, to help customers experience the simplest ever how to make video software to promote anything they want.

Therefore, we’re disrupting every aspect of video production and content publishing, from cost to speed, automation to scale. In addition to serving over 500 of the world’s leading brands. Hence find out why the biggest names already use Wochit to connect with their audience every day.

We Solve Real Problems

what can Interactive video services do for you?

To begin with our origin, 3 Good Media is a Singapore creative design agency specializing in content marketing services. In addition to our focus is the consumer to business transformation. Eventually, to deliver an offline to online customer-centric omnichannel marketing solution.

In brief, we started small and Agile as a creative design agency. Finally, forming a hybrid unit with Go Hawkers for an omnichannel retailing solution at a transparent price.


Social Media​​ Content

Presently, less than 5% of your followers see your content posts. The organic reach of social media is getting lesser and advertising more expensive.


Digital OOH Advertising

Conversely, have you noticed the digital screens in your lifts? Digital out of home advertising have new capabilities offering video and better resolution.


Content Marketing

Overall, building a content strategy can impact your brand positioning. Find out what content your community wants and grow your followers.

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