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To begin with, do you need video creation services to create quality ads video?

In this case, let’s say a video a day or even twenty, is that possible?

In addition to unlimited video creation, Wochit is the best for corporate solutions.

Not only for all the video productions but also any branding and Facebook ads.

Furthermore, Wochit has different video creation solutions for your team.

Such as creating the best videos at scale and maintaining high quality even if your team works globally.

2 Corporate Video Solutions - Shortcut • WAVE

Likewise, we know that video creation services can be an intimidating process, such as creating simple Facebook ads video. However, we believe that it doesn’t have to be. Here you can create high-quality videos for far less than you think.

Particularly with the right video storytelling platform and with the help of our team of experts. Hence, no matter if you’re looking to create a 15 second or 5 minute video. Likewise, our suite of video creation solutions can make it easy to create, share, and edit your videos as needed.



Above all, make video creation services as easy as writing  a Facebook post, with centrally managed templates for brand consistency.

How Shortcut Works​

Shortcut for video creation services

Accessible for Anyone

Otherwise, no video skills required.

In short, the Shortcut makes anyone a video hero, designed to be the simplest-ever video creation services tool.

Select, Customize, Produce!

Firstly, choose from a wide range of professionally crafted and customizable storyboards ready to use, and make them your own.

Similarly, turn one successful video format into many targeted videos for social media.

In brief, Wochit Shortcut is a one-stop-shop for video creation, where you can go from idea to full video produced in a few simple clicks.

For example, have a look at the travel template for an idea.

Or visit our video gallery for more examples.

Travel video creation services

Travel Template


Hands-free, data-driven, mass video creation. In brief, to turning one video template into millions of unique, beautiful videos.


How WAVE works

We are helping organizations grow with video creation Services




See how we’re changing the game

Get a trial for video editing in minutes

Presently, Wochit is the leading online video maker online platform for business & agencies. Together with 3 Good Media, to help customers experience the simplest ever how to make video software to promote anything they want.

Therefore, we’re disrupting every aspect of video production and content publishing, from cost to speed, automation to scale. In addition to serving over 500 of the world’s leading brands. Hence find out why the biggest names already use Wochit to connect with their audience every day.

We Solve Real Problems

what can video creation services do for you?

To begin with our origin, 3 Good Media is a Singapore creative design agency specializing in content marketing services. In addition to our focus is the consumer to business transformation. Eventually, to deliver an offline to online customer-centric omnichannel marketing solution.

In brief, we started small and Agile as a creative design agency. Finally, forming a hybrid unit with Go Hawkers for an omnichannel retailing solution at a transparent price.


Live Streaming

Gradually consumers trend are growing for live video, and most social platforms have professional live streaming options.

Video Creation

Equally important, show customers how products work in action with videos and provide a more compelling experience.

SEO Copywriting​​

In reality, stuffing your articles with lots of keywords won't make the website rank on the first page anymore.

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