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Should you be advertising in Singapore?

Before you spend any advertising dollars in Singapore, you need to know more about the Singapore advertising landscape.

The best customers are always word of mouth and referral customers. However, this could take years to build your followers and the main reason for business advertising to create awareness and sales.

Advertising helps a business to earn profits by enabling more people to know about the products and services. Singapore consumers will never get to know about the products and services without advertising.


Are you a buyer or a seller?

It is likely you have been both and noticed that buyer and seller have a different experience. People love to buy, whether it is buying necessities or non-essential items.

Most of us tend to be happy with good deals like discounts and gift rewards. However, people do not like to be sell, and you may recall receiving cold sales calls selling some items you are not looking for at the moment. 

If you have tried to sell stuff, you may notice the seller mindset. Try comparing the experience and be conscious of the difference to become a better seller.

People have more and more options today, with e-commerce creating a global market. The same people may not buy from you when they want to unless you are the sole seller or need this product urgently.

When it comes to selling, you will need to find your buyers even if they do not need your products now. Advertising helps to get people to know your products and staying on top of their mind when they are ready to buy.

Jotting down your reasons will help decide whether you need advertising in Singapore, getting you to think before you spend.

Pros of advertising in Singapore

  • You need people to know about your business.
  • Your sales need a boost.
  • Your competitor advertise.
  • Everybody is advertising.

Cons of advertising in Singapore

  • Your team do not know how to start.
  • You may think advertising is an expense, not an investment.
  • Maybe you think people will buy from you even if they do not know about your business.
  • You think you have not been influenced by an advertisement before.

Advertising in Singapore is an investment.

There are three things you need to invest in if you decided on advertising. Do not start advertising in Singapore until you can devote enough of these resources.

You must invest sufficient time, money and information to create a well planned and properly managed marketing campaign. Only a well-planned campaign can fulfil your objective and ensure your advertising dollars well spent.

Time investment

Time will be your first investment. An effective campaign is only feasible until you have dedicated enough time. It will involve both the creation and implementation of your marketing strategy.

Unless you have a marketing team, smaller businesses will have to either manage the advertising yourself or delegate it to another person. It is unlikely that you will have anyone to assign with some advertising expertise.

You need to invest the right amount of time paying off a successful advertisement. If you have correctly designed your campaign, your ads will be flexible enough to be updated for those inevitable periods.

It is necessary to accommodate evolving business conditions and opportunities. These can also mean creating and producing advertisements overnight, especially for retail business.

It will remove the need to panic because you know your stuff, and you will be ready when you need to implement it.

Money investment

You don’t have to invest a lot to produce successful advertising in Singapore. Focus on spending where it will do you the best. It means studying your business, designing your message tagline, and investing in high-quality artwork, photography, videos.

Pay attention to note that every aspect of the advertisement and communication of your business. Even the colour used will represent how consumers will remember your company.

You can come off as a non-quality product if the advertisement is not memorable or the message is not consistent with what your actual business is.

Information investment

All the great advertisements have focused on facts and the one information you want people to remember.

Start with as much data as you can, and even if you discard or fail to use 90% of it. It does not matter that the remaining 10% will include the one nugget that will differentiate you from everyone on the market.

The best advertising is possible only if active in every aspect of their advertisement and marketing. These are the people who believe passionately in what they do and having the guts and vision to take the risks needed.


What is the different type of advertising in Singapore?

Your goods and services would be spread through an effective promotional campaign to attract clients and generate sales. There are several choices to choose from if you try to attract new consumers to purchase an existing product or start a new service.

Your company’s most acceptable advertising choice would rely on your target audience. Also, what is the most cost-effective way to reach as many of them as possible, as often as possible?

Also, the chosen advertisement choice should represent the correct atmosphere for your product or service. If you know that your audience read a magazine, you should advertise in that magazine.

Let us cover the two main types of advertising in Singapore.

Offline ads targets an offline audience, is non-measurable and more for awareness. Online ads are more competitive, measurable and objective-driven.

Offline ads

The following list is an introduction to advertising in Singapore. You could use published materials like newspaper, magazines, radio, television, out of home advertising, direct mails and leaflets.


Newspapers ads have online and offline viewers to promote a wide range of clients to your business. Your ads will reach a dedicated group of authentic subscribers.

You can find that the best results are provided to you by an online and offline combination of ads. The reach for the newspaper is shrinking and more for awareness objective.


Advertising can rapidly and efficiently enter the Singapore target market in a specialist journal. Online and offline readers prefer to read magazines at their leisure for longer, giving your ads more opportunities to draw attention.

Generally, magazines represent customers demographics by interest group and trade industry by niche. Magazines usually do not serve a small region, such as a specific city. Ads will not be cost-effective if only a smaller percentage of the circulation is your target market.


A different way to meet your target audience is through advertising on Singapore radio. If a specific station is listened to by your target market, radio ads will attract new clients.

Radio ads have their limits, with listeners harder to recall what they have heard losing the influence. The only way to resolve this is to repeat your message daily, which dramatically raises your prices.

You will find radio advertising does not produce good results without a higher investment in regular broadcasting.


Television advertising has a wide scope, and if you appeal to a broad market in Singapore, commercials are perfect. The commercials have the benefit of sight, sound, movement and colour to convince a consumer.

TV is useful for video content if you need to explain how your product or service functions. The reach for television is shrinking as more people are moving online. If you have a higher marketing budget, however, your branding enjoys more prestige.


Transit and Outdoors

Outside and on-the-go, there are many ways to advertise. Outdoor billboards may be public transport signages or housing digital screens.

Advertising for transit in Singapore can include posters on buses, taxis, and trains.

Outdoor ads, particularly for prime locations and superior billboards, can be very costly. Outdoor signages have upgraded their message impact with the recent digital out of home advertising in Singapore.

You may have noticed these digital screens in HDB lifts, condominium and community areas. The out of home advertising creates awareness for the same people walking by your screens every day as they travel.

There can be hard to read and suggested for minimum words in even the largest of screens. It makes it easy for clients to follow up and find out more with QR code and your website address.

The digital out of home advertising for the condo network is cost-effective, reaching more affluent audiences and suitable for location targeting. Find out more about digital outdoor advertising.


Online Ads (Digital ads)

Being on the internet will cost-effectively draw new consumers. At a low cost, you can meet a global audience. Your online presence will determine if you are visible on search engines.

A well-designed website improves customer experience or using the app to boosting functionality. There are different online channels to promote your company online using paid ads or optimise your search engine rankings.

You can promote your products or services on social media platforms, blogs and influencers. When it comes to selecting the best possible advertisement medium available, companies frequently fail. For various types of goods, services, and labels, different types of ads perform better.


How do you select the correct advertising in Singapore?

It all comes down to knowing what the four digital advertising forms are and knowing your audience well. Small companies may want to expand their customer base and increase earnings quickly to get a head start.

  • Social media
  • Search
  • Native
  • Display

Depending on the type of product, companies should invest in various digital media. It will help to experiment to see which advertising create the most leads.

On the other hand, a large company would want to hone in on one form of campaign that fits well with good investment return.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the use of social media channels to communicate with your audience. To create your brand, increase sales, and boost website traffic. This marketing includes posting great content on your social media accounts, listening to your fans, engaging them, reviewing your performances, and running ads on social media.

Marketing on social media first began with printing. To attract traffic to their websites and, potentially, sales, companies have posted their content on social media. Yet the social media has matured well beyond just being a platform for material to be broadcast.

Today, corporations use social media in a multitude of forms as what people think about their brand. The company concerned will track the discussions on social media and respond to specific mentions. (social media listening and engagement)

With an analytics tool, a company that wants to understand its performance on social media will evaluate its scope, interaction and revenue on social media (social media analytics). A corporation that wants to reach a particular group of viewers on a scale will run highly targeted social media advertising (social media advertising).

Paid search

Supported ads, search marketing, search engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and cost-per-click marketing relates to paid search advertising. Search is a strategy that shows advertising in search engine results if someone searches for the advertiser’s services or goods.

Search advertisement is very efficient and focused on the specific needs of the users. Not just tacit knowledge about what they may be seeking, and naturally, this increases the chance of clicks and conversions.

Google is the largest provider of search advertising in the world. AdWords service enables businesses selling goods or services to pay for their ads based on the questions of Internet users entered in the search box.

When your results page loads, there are ad boxes displayed next to organic

results with related advertisements. “Until anyone clicks on one of their advertisements, companies advertising in the search results are not paid, which is why it is known as “pay-per-click” (PPC) advertising.

Usually, search-engine businesses deliver this promotional strategy. Google (or every other search-engine provider) shows a results page consisting of organic and paid results if you search for a product or service online. This advertising appears in formats like text, video or display ads.

Native ads

A native ad is a simple advertisement incorporated into a piece of content. There are known as “non-disruptive” advertisements and typically come in the form of sponsored content. These advertisements will complement the style and rhythm of the material in which it appears without being intrusive by being pushy.

Pop-up advertisements and autoplay videos, for instance, are considered disruptive and can also harm one’s prospective client base. On the other hand, native advertisements are “slipped” into advertising, appearing not harmful to customers and appealing. They can come in the form of posts from a blog, videos, images, etc.

Display ads

Display advertisement referred to as “banner” advertising. It is a type of advertising consisting of small digital billboards or banners displayed in and around blog posts, search pages for keywords, websites, etc. Show advertisements may be both unmoving or animated pictures.

They appear as horizontal banners at the top and bottom of the page. Or as vertical banners in the side margins of a page. Display advertisements are perfect for telling a short visual tale when illustrating brand identity with little or no text.

Do you notice the changes in the ways you used to shop? What is some other Singapore advertising you have seen and like? Do share them with us in the comments below.

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